James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Joel Early, 7 December 1802

From Joel Early

Green County Georgia December 7th. 1802.


About to address you it remindes of a day in which we had a personal acquaintance. It also brings fresh to memory the Monstrous Mistake under which I then Lay as to the Tendency of your Politicks.1 You Sir have Sience been Conspicuous. Your Policy has long Sience had my abprobation. Believe me all doubts are vanished and not even a Shaddow remains.

I have never had my Sensations moer Tortured than have existed the present year. The Low Calumny of our Federal breathren heaped on the private charactor of Mr. Jefferson (one of the most Genuine Patriots that have ever lieved) declares unequivocally their factious Temper. They must rule or they will Hazard all. In Georgia their number is Inconsiderable. With their adhereants it cant exceed Fore hundred, an equal proportion of which are (mostly foreigners) Trading on British Capital, and the residue but little acquainted with Husbandry. Though small their number resideing as they do in Commercial Towns with printing presses at their command, they are verry Troublesom.

Although by Treaty with the Creek Indians a purchase have been effected.2 It is so Small and moer than an equal proportion so Barren. It yieldes but small gratification to our people. It is in effect only a repurchase of the Talisee County.3 The line now agrea’d on gives a large proportion of That to the Indians and renders a narrow String up the Oconee a Substitute.

Such have been the peacible temper of those indians for years back that with our Frontier people they have a close Intimacy. They visit Alte⟨r⟩nately. A number of our Men Some of whome are justly intitled to Confidence Say that with a proportioned price the Ogemulgy fork and Talisee County could as easily have been bought as the Small purchase in question. They do not hesitate to say that Colo. Hawkins dictated the Size and form of the tract purchased. They ad that Several Indians in their presence have Sience Murmured that the line now of Seperation between them and the white people contrary to usage was nearly all a land line and that they would have prefered the Ogemulgy river.

My Son, Peter,4 whoe has buisiness at the Seat of Government is charged with & has promised to deliver you this in person. Believe me I am Sir your friend & Huml. Servt.

Joel Early

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