James Madison Papers

From James Madison to Albert Gallatin, 6 May 1802

To Albert Gallatin

Department of State 6th. May 1802


I request that under Warrants on the appropriations mentioned in the enclosed estimate the sums therein stated may be placed in the hands of Bird Savage & Bird in London—they to be charged with the same in the Books of the Treasury. I am very respectfully &ca.

James Madison.


Estimate for Six Months
Diplomatic { Salary of the Minister @ 9000. 4.500   
Do. of his Secretary " 1350 675   
Contingent say 900   
British Treaty { Salary of 2 Commissioners under the 7th.
Article of the Treaty @ £1500 stg. 6.666.67
half the Salary of the 5th Commissioner 1.666.66
Their Contingencies say 2.666.67
Compensation to 2. Agents @ 2.500. 2.500.—
Relief of
{ Salary of the Agent for the relief of seamen 1.500.—
Expences of Do. say 1.800.—
of claims in
prize causes
{ Payment to Proctors say 25.000   

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