James Madison Papers

To James Madison from William Eaton, 4 April 1802 (Abstract)

§ From William Eaton

4 April 1802, Tunis. Refers JM to enclosures marked A, B, C, D, and E giving information of his actions from 12 to 24 Mar.1 Gloria made safe journey to Malta, having left Tunis 26 Mar. and arrived back 3 Apr. Off Malta, the Gloria “happily fell in with Captain McNeill,” who gave its mission “his approbation and concurrence”; calls JM’s attention to McNeill’s letter to him and instructions to Captain Bounds (enclosures H and I).2 “By engaging the Sapatapa in the project,”3 Eaton persuaded Hamet Pasha to go to Malta and remain there under American protection. Encloses letter of recommendation given to pasha.4 “I now dispatch the Gloria to Gibraltar5 in hopes of her falling in with our Squadron … and to pass through the Commodore’s hands these Dispatches in order that he might conform his arrangements to them if they correspond with his orders from the President.”6 The bey has refused to provision American warships “under pretext of its being a Violation of the laws of the Profet to provision an enemy of a Mahometan,” but Eaton believes the real reason is his refusal to grant the bey’s merchantmen passports for Tripoli.

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