James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Albert Gallatin, 19 March 1802

From Albert Gallatin

March 19th 1802

Dear Sir

Mr Steele is anxious to have Mr Marshal’s accounts so far stated as to be enabled to judge whether any further appropriation will be necessary. A statement somewhat similar to that furnished by Mr Kimbal in relation to Mr Pickering’s account would be necessary.

The enclosed1 shows the sums advanced and to whom; but for what purpose &, therefore, under what head of appropriation to be arranged? is the question. It is presumable that the letters transmitting the money or the letters applying for the money must show for what object it was asked & remitted.

Will you be good enough to cause at least the attempt to be made by an investigation of those letters? I make the application at the express request of Mr Steele. Your’s respectfully

Albert Gallatin

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