James Madison Papers

To James Madison from the American Whig Society, 12 March 1802

From the American Whig Society

Dr Sir.

Princeton March 12th. 1802.

The American Whig Society, in the college of N. Jersey, having, by the late unfortunate conflagration which consumed the College edifice, lost almost the whole of their valuable library,1 together with all their furniture, have resolved to apply to their ancient members who are now established in different quarters of the United States, to solicit their generous, and brotherly aid in repa[i]ring their important losses. The library at the time it was consumed, consisted of about 800 volumes, estimated at the value of 3,000 Dolls. The other effects amounted to about 800 Dollars.

As the College is likely to be replaced in its former state, or even in better condition than it was, we are ambitious to restore our institution to its former respectability. Animated with this desire, we take the liberty, which we hope will be approved, of addressing individually all our absent members who still feel for the honour, and utility of a Society in which they have formerly reaped so much pleasure, and improvement. A small aid from each in books, or in money addressed to John Middleton Clk of the Committee, to the care of the Revd. Saml. Stanhope Smith, will be received as the gift of a brother.

J. Middleton Clk.
of the Committee

Wm. A. Neill, Jno. Boggs, A. Johnston &

Thos. H Ellis committee in behalf of

the American Whig Society.

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