James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Leander Cathcart, 4 March 1802 (Abstract)

§ From James Leander Cathcart

4 March 1802, Leghorn. No. 2. Has learned that the U.S. ship George Washington, which arrived 31 Jan. from Tunis and Naples and sailed a few days later with merchant vessels under convoy, reached Marseilles safely. The President was repaired at Toulon and has sailed for Gibraltar. Eaton arrived in Leghorn on the George Washington and remained until 28 Feb. He will stop at Naples “to determine a point of some importance full details of which is forwarded by him to the department of State by this conveyance”1 and then proceed directly to Tunis. Before his departure from Leghorn, Eaton received reports from Turner at Tunis that “no alteration had taken place” there. Encloses copies of latest reports from Tripoli and observes that “the very elements seem to have declared in our favor, & if government thinks proper to decree the destruction of Tripoli for the iniquity of their Bashaw, never did, & probably never will so favorable an opportunity present itself.” Swedish admiral Cederström arrived in Leghorn “some days since” after consultation with Commodore Dale; “the result I am not inform’d, but from the circumstance of his taking onboard here a large quantity of cash I presume he will act similar to the Danes.” Is anxious to receive instructions from the president.

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