James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Edward Thornton, 1 August 1801

From Edward Thornton

Philadelphia 1st August 1801.


I have the honour of forwarding to you copies of certain documents,1 which I have received from His Majesty’s Consul at Boston, relating to the British Snow Windsor, which made the subject of my letter of the 23rd ulto. The circumstances, under which that vessel was captured, appearing to leave no doubt that she may be regarded as a legal prize, it only remains for me to renew my request for her immediate departure from the ports of the United States.

You will observe, Sir, from the correspondence which has taken place between Mr MacDonogh and the Governor of the State of Massachusetts, the doubts entertained by the latter of his possessing authority to enforce the execution of the stipulations of the Treaty of Amity: and you will regard the present case, I am persuaded, as a new proof of the necessity of some precise instructions, which may enable the proper Officers to carry into immediate and summary effect the provisions of that Compact according to their full force and terms. I have the honour to be with perfect truth and respect, Sir, Your most obedient humble servant.

Edwd Thornton.

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