James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Carlos Martínez de Yrujo, 18 May 1801

From Carlos Martínez de Yrujo


Pha. 18th. of May. 1801.

Dear Sir

I had the honor to write to you some time since recomending to your attention Mr. J. Yznardy Sen[ior] but as this Gentleman has not had as yet the opportunity to present you my letter I do prevail of the present ocassion to congratulate you on your appointement to one of the most important Places of the American Governement. Conscious as I am of your talent & vertu, & thoroughly persuaded of your disposition to impress in all the acts of your Departement that uprighteness & Candor so proper of an enlighten’d Stateman, it would have been a pleasant circumstance for me to have trasancted [sic] with you the reciprocal affairs of two Nations call’d by nature & interest to be bound by the ties of friendship. I do not despair yet of that satisfaction as my succesor has been so backward in coming over, & a favorable disposition will be found in the Governement of Spain to second the friendly offices of Mr. Jefferson towards me. My Residence in the Cisalpine, where I am appointed Minister Plen. would have been very agreable to me, had not this pleasant expectation been checked by the pleasure of living hither with an Administration as friendly, & polite as the former was inimical, & acrimonious.

Mme. Yrujo is panting for having again the satisfaction to see her old friend Mrs. Madisson, & if we hear the roads are good, so as to permit her to carry down her child with safety it is probable we may go in three or four Weeks.

Before I may finish this letter I must take the liberty to beg you to recommend in the name of all this Family to the President a meritorious & unfortunate man Cap. Murray of your Navy.1 It appears he is entirely innocent of the accident lately happen’d to his Frigate the Constellation; & his anxiety on this account has been so great that he is grown old of six years in the short space of a month ⟨&⟩ his activity has been so great that he has not had time to be sick but after all the mischief was undone. I think him a good American, without being violent in politics in either side, pleasant & sensible, & beloved & respected by the rational men of both partys. Any thing that the President may chuse to do for him I’ll consider it as a particular favor.

Be so good as to present our respects to our worthy Mr. Jefferson, & the love & compts. of all this Family to Mrs. Madisson for my part I do repeat myself your most obt. Servt.

Le Chevalier d’Yrujo

P. S.

This will be delivered to you by Mr. Cushing from Boston, & lately from the Havana from whence he has been very particularly recomended to me. He appears to me a clever man, & a good Republican, & wishes to be introduce to you, which I do by the present with great deal of pleasure.

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