James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Rufus King, 20 April 1801

From Rufus King

No. 12.

London April 20. 1801.

Dear Sir,

Annexed I have the honour to send you a copy of my Correspondence with Mr. Anstey upon the Subject of the British Debts.*1 Although I might, by an Analysis of the Claims exhibited at Philadelphia, have been able to add much support to the Estimate which I had formed of these Debts, I thought it advisable to bring the discussion to a close; as well on account of the little probability that any further arguments which could be offered, would be likely to induce Mr. Anstey to acquiesce in an Estimate of the Debts which should not correspond with a Sum that had been named to him, as proper to demand of us, as because it did not appear to me certain that his opinion upon this Subject would have the same weight with the new Ministry, as it might have had with their Predecessors. With perfect respect and Esteem, I have the honour to be, Dear Sir, Your ob. & faithful Servt.

Rufus King

Authorial notes

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* Reference may be had to numbers 93 & 98.2 of the last series; the former inclosing Copy of a Paper delivered to Lord Grenville on the 23. of November 1800, as a commencement of the negotiation, and the latter explaining his Lordships reasons for devolving on Mr. Anstey the preliminary discussions with Mr. King.

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