James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Maury, 3 February 1792

From James Maury

Liverpool 3 Feby 1792

Dr Sir

I am much obliged to you for the papers & pamphlet you sent me by the Grange, wch. have afforded me much Entertainment. I am happy to see the malicious predictions of the lying prophet so completely counteracted by the prosperity of the Country he took so much pleasure in debasing & vilifying by Invective.

Whenever any Thing here presents that promises Entertainment to you in that way, I shall hand it.

I note what you say of Mr Jorre. I wished to have diverted him from his purpose of going to America; but could not—at length he extorted from me the cold Letter he delivered you—what I said of him I believe is true—but as to his Capacities for high Departments in Office, I concieved he over-rated them—perhaps somewhat like his Countryman of Normandy quoted in paine’s rights of Men.1

Inclosed are sundry Accts Sales with Account Current for your perusal. If you continue a shipper to this place I continue my recommendation of a greater proportion of Stemed—unless indeed when your Leaf be particularly fine—so, it will answer your purpose as well.

It has occurred to me that possibly in Building the public Offices &c in the Fœderal City some materials from this Country may be wanted—under the Event & convenient, I will be much obliged by your naming your Humble Servant.

I am very anxious to hear farther of the Troops under General Sinclair. The Accounts hitherto recieved are most unpleasant to those who are interested in that Country.

The French Affairs go on well enough. Altho’ their Assignats have been gradually depreciating—The Louis d’or (naturally worth 24 Livres tournais) last week was worth 35½ Livres in Assignats.

I am rather curious (tho’ have a better Motive) for knowing the Tone & Manner the British Consuls in the U. S. use in their Applications to the Various Boards on Matters relating to their Ships & Countrymen say Mariners particularly—also the Degree of early Attention to such Representations—presuming such Things must occur, I pray you, if convenient, to procure & forward me a Copy of some of them. I am with great Esteem your friend & Sert

James Maury


Liverpool 31st Decr. 1791.

The Honorable James Madison Esqr. Junr. in accot. Currt. with James Maury

Sep: 26 To Insurance on 6 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Cyrus 1.13. 3 
Octr. 5 " Your draft on me 90.—.— 
Decr. 31 " Insurance on 3 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Venus —.18. 6 
Sep: 10 " Tax on 6 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Venus 1. 7.— 
Novr. 16 " Insurance on—Do. 2. 6. 6
Decr. 6 " Your draft on me 42.—.— 
Aug: 25 " Duty on your Tobo. ⅌ Venus —.10. 6 
" 26 " Insurance on—Do. —. 7. 7 
Nov: 18 " Charges in Virga. on 1 hhd Tobo. ⅌ Success —. 9.— 
Dec: 10 " your dft on me 21.—.— 
" "  " Balance   18.11. 9½
£ 179. 4. 1½
Feb: 19 By Balance as ⅌ a/c rendered 42.13. 3½
Aug: 25 " nt. proceeds of 6 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Cyrus 49. 6. 4¾
Octr 11 " nt. proceeds of 6 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Venus 52. 1. 3½
" "  " nt. proceeds of 3 hhds Tobo. ⅌ Venus 22. 4. 8¾
" nt proceeds of 1 hhd Tobo. ⅌ Success   12.18. 5 
£ 179. 4. 1½
Dec 31 By Balance £ 18.11. 9½
2 hhds ⅌ Venus sales not finished2
Errors Excepted

James Maury

RC and enclosures (DLC). RC docketed by JM. Maury enclosed sales accounts dated 11 Oct. (two) and 29 Dec. 1791 which JM docketed. Their contents are summarized in Maury’s fourth enclosure, the account current of 31 Dec.

1Maury alluded to Paine’s anecdote (attributed to Franklin) concerning a proposal by a Frenchman who noted the English precedent “of kings coming out of Normandy.” The Norman declared his willingness to become “king” of America and proposed “an acknowledgment of about £30,000 … if his offer was not accepted” in recognition of his generosity (Foner, Complete Writings of Thomas Paine, I, 285–86).

2The account is in a clerk’s hand, except for this addition and Maury’s signature.

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