James Madison Papers

Notes on Debates, 26 April 1787

Notes on Debates

Thursday April 26. [1787]

The question on the motion to repeal the rule was called for. After some little conversation Mr. Clarke moved that it might be postponed, which was agreed to.

Nothing further was done in this business till Wednesday May 2. when I left N. York for1 the Convention to be held in Philadelphia.

It was considered on the whole that the project of shutting the Mississippi2 was at an end; a point deemed of great importance in reference to the approaching Convention for introducing a Change in the federal Government, and to the objection3 to an increase of its powers foreseen from the jealousy which had been excited by that project.

Ms (DLC).

1JM originally wrote “Philadelphia” here. At a later time he crossed the word out and added the remainder of this paragraph and the entire last paragraph.

2JM wrote “by a vote of 7 States” here and later crossed it out.

3JM interlined “in some States” here and later deleted it.

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