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Hamilton’s Report on the Annapolis Convention, 14 September 1786 (Abstract)

Hamilton’s Report on the Annapolis Convention


14 September 1786, Annapolis. Drafted by Alexander Hamilton, with JM the chief witness as to authorship (JM to Noah Webster, 12 Oct. 1804, Madison, Writings [Hunt ed.] description begins Gaillard Hunt, ed., The Writings of James Madison (9 vols.; New York, 1900–1910). description ends , VII, 165). The full address is in Syrett and Cooke, Papers of Hamilton description begins Harold C. Syrett and Jacob E. Cooke, eds., The Papers of Alexander Hamilton (19 vols. to date; New York, 1961——). description ends , III, 686–90, where an editorial note indicates that any alterations were most likely made in deference to Edmund Randolph’s objections.

Ms (PCC). Only chairman John Dickinson signed the document, but JM is listed below the signature as one concurring in the report.

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