James Madison Papers

Notes on Debates, 29 May 1783

Notes on Debates

MS (LC: Madison Papers). For a description of the manuscript of Notes on Debates, see Papers of Madison description begins William T. Hutchinson, William M. E. Rachal, et al., eds., The Papers of James Madison (7 vols. to date; Chicago, 1962——). description ends , V, 231–34.

The report of the Committee concerning Interest on British debts was committed after some discussion.1

1The submission of the report is not mentioned in the journal for 29 May (JCC description begins Worthington Chauncey Ford et al., eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789 (34 vols.; Washington, 1904–37). description ends , XXIV, 368–69). For the appointment of “the Committee” headed by John Francis Mercer, see JM Notes, 20 May 1783, and n. 5. The portion of the report relating to private debts owed by Americans to Loyalists or other British subjects was referred on 29 May to a committee, James Wilson, chairman, Gunning Bedford, Jr. (Del.), and Mercer. To the Mercer committee, which had rendered the report, was recommitted the portion relating to Loyalists’ or other British property confiscated by the separate states (NA: PCC, No. 20, II, 156; JM Notes, 20 May, and n. 5). In effect this division of assignment discharged the Mercer committee, for confiscations was the subject of a report on 16 May by another committee, Hamilton, chairman. This report was accorded further consideration on 30 May. See JM Notes, 30 May 1783, and nn. 1, 2.

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