James Madison Papers

Notes on Debates, 25–26 April 1783

Notes on Debates

MS (LC: Madison Papers). For a description of the manuscript of Notes on Debates, see Papers of Madison description begins William T. Hutchinson, William M. E. Rachal, et al., eds., The Papers of James Madison (6 vols. to date; Chicago, 1962——). description ends , V, 231–34.

*Address to States passed nem: con: It was drawn up by Mr. Madison: The address to Rd. Isd. referred to as No. 2. had been drawn up by Mr. Hamilton.1

The writer of these notes absent till Monday May. 5th.2

1The journal for 25 April suggests that Congress took no important action on that day. See Address to States, 25 Apr. 1783, and nn. 1, 3, 41.

2William Floyd and his daughters, including Catherine, to whom JM was engaged, left Philadelphia on 29 April. JM accompanied them as far as New Brunswick, N.J., where the daughters may have remained while Floyd proceeded to Elizabethtown in the hope of continuing from there to his home on British-occupied Long Island, N.Y. Although JM arrived back in Philadelphia on Friday, 2 May, he next attended Congress on Monday, 5 May, for there was no session on the intervening two days (Jefferson to JM, 31 Jan. 1783, n. 28; JCC description begins Worthington Chauncey Ford et al., eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789 (34 vols.; Washington, 1904–37). description ends , XXIV, 329; Boyd, Papers of Jefferson description begins Julian P. Boyd et al., eds., The Papers of Thomas Jefferson (18 vols. to date; Princeton, N.J., 1950——). description ends , VI, 264–65, 333; Brant, Madison description begins Irving Brant, James Madison (6 vols.; Indianapolis and New York, 1941–61). description ends , II, 285; Hugh Hastings and J. A. Holden, eds., Public Papers of George Clinton, VIII, 139).

In his footnote JM refers to the copy of the “Address” published in Laws of the United States of America, from the 4th of March, 1789, to the 4th of March, 1815, including the Constitution of the United States, the Old Act of Confederation, Treaties, and many other Valuable Ordinances and Documents; with Copious Notes and References, arranged and published under authority of an act of Congress (5 vols.; Washington, 1815), I, chap. iii, pp. 32–37. Although JM obviously could not have added the citation before 1815, he must have written it before 1830, for his handwriting is neither unusually small nor quavery. He evidently was engaged in preparing his papers for publication and had included the “Address” in an “appendix.” See Madison, Papers (Gilpin ed.) description begins Henry D. Gilpin, ed., The Papers of James Madison (3 vols.; Washington, 1840). description ends , appendix, pp. vi–xi.

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* Added to appendix from Chap. 3. laws U. S. 1815.

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