James Madison Papers

Notes on Debates, 2 December 1782

Notes on Debates

MS (LC: Madison Papers). See Notes on Debates, 4 November 1782, ed. n. JM preceded his entry for the present date with the words “No Congress untill.” See Notes on Debates, 28 November 1782.

The Secy of foreign affairs resigned his office assigning as a reason,1 the increase of business in his Office of Chancellor of N. Y. whereby it was become2 impossible for him to execute the duties of both; informing Congress at the same time as3 a rule for providing for his successor, that his expenses exceeded his salary upwards of 3000 Dollrs per annum.4 The letter of resignation was committed to Mr. McKean, Mr. Osgood &—5

1Here JM appears to have deleted “therefor” and inserted the comma.

2This word is interlineated.

3Between “time” and “as,” JM deleted “that.”

4For JM’s conference with Robert R. Livingston before he tendered his resignation to Congress, see Notes on Debates, 28 November 1782, and nn. 2, 4.

5The other member of the committee was John Rutledge (JCC description begins Worthington Chauncey Ford et al., eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789 (34 vols.; Washington, 1904–37). description ends , XXIII, 759, n. 1). See also Notes on Debates, 3 December 1782.

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