Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Robert Patterson, 2 January 1809

Mint of the United States
2nd. Jany 1809


I have the honor, once more, of laying before you an Annual Report of the operations of the Mint.

From the Treasurers statement, herewith transmitted, it will appear, that during the last year there have been struck at the Mint,

1,368,600 pieces of silver coins, amounting to 684,300 dolls.
58,288 pieces of gold coins, amounting to 284,665 dolls.
And 1,509,000 pieces of copper coins amounting to 13,090 dolls.
Making, in the whole—Two millions, nine hundred and thirty five thousand, eight hundred & eighty eight pieces of coin, amounting to nine hundred & eighty two thousand, & fifty five dollars.

The gold & silver bullion at this time in the mint, deposited for coinage, amounts to upwards of 250,000 dollars; and I have good ground to assure you, Sir, that, even in the present embarassed state of commerce, the Banks in this City alone, will be able to furnish an ample supply of bullion for a long time to come.

I have the honor to be with sentiments of the greatest esteem, Your most obedient, faithful Servant.

Rbt. Patterson

DNA: RG 104--Records of the United States Mint.

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