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To Thomas Jefferson from Georgia Legislature, 20 December 1808

In the House of Representatives
Tuesday 6th. Decemr. 1808

On motion of Mr. Bryan the following address to Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States, was unanimously agreed to.


The Legislature of the State of Georgia, the immediate organ of the public will, think proper at this all important period of time to address you. It is sensible, Sir, that while the great powers of Europe are involved in a Contest almost unexampled in magnitude, Consequences & duration, that the people of these Shores, although happily situated at a distance from the scene of Carnage, yet being largely engaged in the pursuit of Commerce, must of necessity suffer great privations from the want of a vent for the produce of a Country fertile, extensive and inhabited almost exclusively by Agriculturalists—But Sir—the Citizens of this State, strong in their independence, & proud of their Government, feel happy that a measure has been adopted which they Conceive to be at once, pacific & manly—They will never wish to see the lives and property of their brethren exposed to the insult or rapacity of a foreign power. And should this measure fail to produce the desired effect, immediately, they will Chearfully submit to its Continuance; if on the other hand, our present embarrassments should eventuate in a war, they will, in proportion to their number and resources, give zealous aid to the Government of their Choice. Confident that from the Judicious management of the public Funds, and the easy pressure of taxation hitherto a conflict could be maintained to every advantage which pecuniary means would bring in support of a people patriotic & brave.

You, Sir, when retired to the peaceful walks of life will not be an insensible Spectator—You will exult in the future prosperity of your Country or mourn, in case an allwise providence should see fit to afflict it by a public Calamity—The real friends to the States will feel sorry that they are deprived of the benefit of your Counsels—You will carry with you their blessing and unfeigned regret will follow you to the grave.

B. Whitaker—Speaker


Hines Holt Clk

Henry Mitchell—President

of Senate

Will: Robertson Sectry

 Executive Department, Georgia

 Milledgeville 20th. December 1808

Presented read and approved of

Jared Irwin



James Bozeman


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