Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 11 December 1808

Dec. 11. 08.

Th:J. to mr Gallatin

I find that the correspondence on the subject of Tureau’s Permits was between mr Madison & myself, my letter of Aug. 19. to you being the only one in which it is mentioned.   in those of Aug. 12. 16. 19. & Sep. 13. to mr Madison, I find the idea of his purchasing a vessel & filling her with French seamen, constantly rejected, as inconsistent with neutrality, and that the vessels to be allowed as transports were to be in the transport proportion of tonnage & provisions to the number of persons sent away.      I am satisfied therefore that if any thing wrong has been done, it does not lie at our door. still I shall be glad to see mr McCulloch’s statement of what is the fact.

I think we had better take time to get Govr. Tompkins’s recommendation of a successor to Wolsey, and even to collect more facts if it can be done.    I send you Tracy’s application to command a revenue cutter. I know nothing of him but that he has been zealous in giving me information, which I have generally handed on to you. affectionate salutations.

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