Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Henry Dearborn, 28 November 1808

War Department
November 28th. 180.8


I have the honor of proposing for your approbation the following appointments in the troops to be raised by virtue of an act entitled “An Act to raise for a limited time an additional military force” passed on the 12th. day of April 1808.—

Names Rank Corps
New Hampshire Benjamin Hill Second Lieutenant Infantry
" John L. Eastman ditto. ditto.
" Leonard Jarvis Surgeons Mate.
Massachusetts John Binney. Captain. Infantry.
" George Gooding. Ensign. Ditto.
" Samuel Newman. Second Lieutenant Light Artillery
" Horace S. White Second Lieutenant Riflemen.
" Edmond Foster Ensign Ditto
" Josiah D Foster Surgeon.
Vermont John Fuller Major Riflemen
" William Campbell. First Lieutenant Light Artillery
" Luther Leonard. Second Lieutenant ditto.
" Enos Lewis Surgeons Mate.
New York. Ferdinand Ludlow. Second Lieutenant. Light Dragoons
John Walworth. First Lieutenant Infantry.
Abraham Sands. Ensign. ditto.
Smith Cutler Surgeon
New Jersey. Lewis Dunham. Surgeon
Pennsylvania. William Bennett. Captain Infantry.
" P. Muhlenburg First Lieutenant ditto.
" John Suter Ensign. ditto
" Robert H. McPherson First Lieutenant Light Artillery
" Alpheus Roberts. Second Lieutenant. Ditto.
" George Birch. Cornet Light Dragoons
" Isaac Davis. Surgeon
Maryland. William D. Beall Lieut Colonel. Infantry
" John R. Fenwick. Captain. Light Dragoons
" James Gibson First Lieutenant Light Artillery
" Samuel H Holley. Second Lieutenant Ditto
" Joseph Owens Ensign. Infantry.
" James Johnston Ensign. Riflemen.
" Dennis Claude. Surgeon.
Virginia Benjamin Branch. Second Lieutenant. Light Artillery
" Thomas A Patterson. Second Lieutenant Riflemen.
" Elias Edmonds Second Lieutenant Infantry
" Daniel Ward. Ensign. Ditto.
" Jeremiah Yancy Ensign Ditto.
North Carolina James Moore First Lieutenant Infantry
" Edward Mason Second Lieutenant Ditto
" Sterling Anderson Ensign. ditto
" Benjamin Robinson Surgeon.
South Carolina George Haig Second Lieutenant Light Dragoons
" Robert P. McKelsey Cornet ditto
" Henry Lenud. Second Lieutenant Light Artillery
" Holleway James. Second Lieutenant Infantry.
" Benjamin Harvey Jr. Ensign Infantry.
" William Lavall Ensign Infantry
" James Langley Surgeons Mate.
Georgia. Joseph Woodruff. Captain. Infantry.
" John N. McIntosh First Lieutenant Light Artillery
" George W. Melvin. Second Lieutenant ditto
" John Gerdine. Surgeons Mate.
Kentucky. Samuel Price. First Lieutenant Light Artillery.
" Peter Dudley. Second Lieutenant Ditto.
" George Morrison. First Lieutenant Riflemen.
" Alexander Smith. Second Lieutenant Infantry
" Jesse Jennings. Ditto. Ditto.
" Duff Green. Second Lieutenant.
" Elijah Montgomery Ensign ditto
" Adam Goodlit Surgeons Mate
Tennessee James Desha Captain Infantry
Jeoffry Robertson Second Lieutenant ditto
Archibald Greer Second Lieutenant ditto
Joseph Philips Ensign ditto
David McClellan Ensign ditto
Tennessee George C Allen Ensign Infantry
" David Moss First Lieutenant Riflemen
" Lewis Weir Second Lieutenant ditto
" William Jones Ensign ditto
" Alfred Thruston Surgeon
Orleans Territory Narcissus Brontin Second Lieutenant Infantry
Lewis P. Ducros Ensign ditto
Connecticut William E. Lee Surgeons Mate
Rhode Island Peter Turner Surgeons Mate
Missisippi Territory Thomas Beall Captain Infantry
" Alexander Calvit First Lieutenant ditto
" William Pope Second Lieutenant ditto

Accept, Sir, assurances of my high respect & consideration

H Dearborn

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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