Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Charles W. Goldsborough, 16 August 1808

nav. Dep. 16 Aug. ’08


By letter just received mr Smith has required me to send to you from time to time “a summary of the progress of the gun boats at their different places of construction”. I therefore herewith transmit to you the enclosed paper A, which is an exhibit of the present state of the gun boats, built & building under the act of last session, as far as it can be ascertained by the reports received.

I am, respectfully, sir, yr. mo ob St

Ch: W. Goldsborough

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Gun boats. built or building at. Remarks
10 Portland. complete
2 Norwich } All these Boats may be considerd as completed—some few of them remain on the Stocks, by order of the Secy. of the Navy; but every necessary article is provided for them—& they could be launched & completed in two or three days.
2 Westerly
23 New York
20. Philaa. }
10. Baltimore
10. Norfolk.
10 Charleston— on the Stocks—& will so remain till ordered to the contrary—these Boats could be completed in 10 days
3. Wilmington NC.— 1 nearly completed—2 progressing slowly—articles all provided.
2. Lake Champlain. to be completed, by contract, on the 23rd novr. 1808.—cost of each $2225.
1. Lake Ontario. to be completed, by contract, on the 1st Apl. 1809—cost $20,505.—will carry 1 long 32 pd. iron cannon in the bow. & 16-24 pd. carronades in the waiste.
10 Navy Yd. Washn. all on Stocks—6 could be launched in 12 days—3 in 15 days & the remaining 1 in about 6 weeks—materials all provided & providing.
103 Total.

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