Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Henry Dearborn, 30 June 1808

War Department June 30th. 1808


I have the honor of proposing for your approbation the following appointments in the troops to be raised, by virtue of an Act entitled “An Act to raise for a limited time an additional military force” passed on the 12th. day of April 1808.

Residence. Names Rank & Corps
South Carolina. John R. Spann Captain Light Artillery
James L. McKelvey 1st. Lieut ditto
James Gilchrist 2d. Lieut. ditto
Ross Bird. Captain Infantry
J. J. Faust. Ditto ditto
James E. Dinking Jr. 1st. Lieut. ditto
Timothy Spann 2d. Lieut. ditto.
Benjamin D. Herriott Ditto ditto.
Andrew Hesell Ensign. ditto.
Joel Lyon, ditto   ditto
North Carolina. Prentiss Law, Captain. ditto.
Henry Atkinson. ditto    ditto.
John Nicks. ditto    ditto
John McClelland. Captain ditto
Charles Christmas 1st. Lieut. ditto
William L. Hamilton ditto   ditto
H. G. White ditto   ditto
Duncan L Clinch ditto   ditto
Stephen B. Daniel 2d. Lieut ditto
Benjamin M. Jackson ditto   ditto
Charles C. McKinsie ditto   ditto.
Samuel C. Mabson. Ensign ditto
John Burnett. ditto   ditto
Robert Watson, ditto   ditto
Sterling Anderson. ditto   ditto
Benjamin Forsyth Captain Riflemen
Nathaniel Williams 1st. Lieut. ditto.
Virginia Lewis Toomer 2d. Lieut. Infantry
John Logan Ensign "
Colin Buckner Captain "
James Dorman 1st. Lieut. ditto.
James Saunders. Ensign ditto.
John Jamieson ditto ditto
John H. T. Estes. 1st. Lieut. Artillery
William Littlejohn 2d. Lieut. Light Dragoons
Joseph Kean Cornet
Massachusetts. James Thomas. Captain Light Dragroons
Charles Fuller 1st. Lieut. Infantry
Samuel Borden. 2d. Lieut ditto
Lewis Harrington. 2d. Lieut ditto
Virginia. Alexander L. Walker. Captain Riflemen
Accept, Sir, &c.

Accept, Sir, &C.

DNA: RG 107--LSP--Letters Sent to the President.

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