Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Munroe, 13 May 1808

Washington 13 May 1808


Out of the $30,000 Drawn on your warrants of 2d & 5th Instant, on acct of the Deficit in previous Appropriations, provided for by the Act of last session of Congress I have paid the following claims vizt

Brought up— $ 14033. 11
Thomas Rayner 242. 87 George St Claire 6. 60
Ninian Magruder 154. James Martin 318. 22
Sam Wetherill & Son 102. 01 Robert Brown 216. 57
John Freeman 12. Alexander McCormick 19. 61
Henry Foxall 723. 39 William Knowles 115. 50
James M Robertson 1159. 74 Shaw & Birth 1,825. 12
Whelan & Connolly 1192. 89 R & W Clarke 337. 78
Griffith Comless 328. 24 Hugh Densley 74. 92
rolls Carpenters, Prests. Ho 770. 97 Sam Maffitt & Co 46. 03
Thomas Machem 1988. 60 Merin & Moore 290. 15
Cooke & Brent 390. Thackara & Foxton } 10,824. 13
Carpenters & labourers—Capl 1,303. 80 plaisterers
George Blagdin in part 5000. 28,107. 74
Jno. McIntire 130. Balance in hand.   1,892. 26
Henry Ingle 206. 78 $30,000.
Jno. Davis of Abel     327. 82
Ds. 14,033. 11

And the following Accounts due out of the same fund are presented for Payment

Charles Pleasants for Glass & hardware $5,991. 53
George Blagdin, Stone Cutters work-balance 10,165. 40
Jno. Lenthall—balance of Salary due him to the 25. April 1808 at $1400 Annum 2,449. 58
William Foxton 284. 39
John Richards 185. 90
Timothy Caldwell 91. 16
Walter Hellen 6. 90
Ben H Latrobe Salary from 1 Jany to 25 Apl. 1808 at $2,000 An. & $15.49 due before 1 Jan abt  655. ___
$19,829. 86

Debts due prior to 25. Apl. 1808 said to be outstanding

Hy. Ingle said to be about $50
L. Celephon } painting & glazing not finished
R & W Clarke measured or returned—about $500
Cooke & Brent not returned, said to be $600 say 1,000. ___
Dr 20,829. 86

Statement of the Acct. of the Appropriation to cover the deficit

Amt. of Appropriation $51,500
Drawn by Thomas Claxton, for the furniture fund. 5,403. 76
Balance for Other Debts $46,096. 24

Amount of claims paid $28,107. 74 See other side
Amt. of Do. presented for payt. 19,829. 86 Do
Amt. outstanding supposed by Mr Latrobe & Mr Lenthall to be about 1,000. Do
$48,937. 60
The above balance brot down 46,096. 24
Deficiency $2,841. 36
Amt. heretofore expended on the public Offices, and stated, in Mr. Latrobes estimate & the law to be included in and covered by the Appropriation of $51,500 } 3,218 65
$6,060. 01

It gives me real concern, Sir, to state that even admitting that the Amt of outstanding debts does not exceed $1000 as estimated above there will be a deficit of nearly $6000, including the $3,218.65 for the Offices.—

I have conversed with Mr. Latrobe on this unpleasant subject, and he says the deficit was occasioned in part by the following circumstances

1t. His estimate of debts, on which the appropriation was intended to be predicated, was, as appears by the printed copy $51,949.22, and only $51,500 was appropriated, short $449.22

2d. In his estimate, the debts of furniture fund is stated

at $4,216. 34, and Claxton has
Drawn to pay Accts. presented 5,403. 76 excess 1,187. 42

3d. His estimate was only to the 1. Jany 1808 instead of 25. Apl., as directed by the President, being the day the Appropriation was made, between which periods there accrued, and is included in the foregoing Statement 2380 ___
$4,016. 64

I have recommended to Mr. Claxton to keep the excess drawn by him (altho’ the real debts due from the furniture fund he says will absorb it) until your pleasure can be known, whether he shall pay it away, or refund it—there is no other reason why he should refund it, to be applied to the debts of the buildings, but that in strict impartiality the claimants should fare alike, which will not be the case if the furniture debts be fully paid—but Sir, may I be pardoned for asking whether under the words of the appropriation, being “To make good the deficit of 1807” we might not charge all claims arising in 1808 to the Appropriations made to carry on the work in 1808, instead of charging the Amount that accrued between 1. Jany & 25. April to the deficit Acct., as you have directed.—

I have the honor to inclose for your signature a warrant for the Balance of the $51,500 to be paid (unless you should otherwise direct) to the claimants as they may apply, after it comes into my hands—. I also inclose a warrant for $10,000—in part of the Appropriations for the Current year, there being several sums due for lime, bricks &c purchased by Mr Latrobe for which Certified bills are now in my hands, waiting till I receive funds to discharge them—. With respect to the part of the $51,500 mentioned to be appropriated to cover the sum due from the public Offices, You, Sir, can best tell whether the provisions here made will prevent your sanctioning that expenditure and letting it be adjusted at the Treasury with my other Accounts; for the appropriation out of which it was paid or borrowed was $50,000 “to be applied under the direction of the President of US, in proceeding with the public buildings at the City of Washington, and in making such necessary improvements & repairs thereon as he shall deem expedient.” If such sanction cannot be given will it not be necessary to take the Amount out of the $51,500, and pay away the balance only?

I have the honor to be with the highest respect Sir, Yr mo Ob Servt

Thomas Munroe

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