Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Munroe, 16 March 1808

Statement of the Expenditure of the $15,000 appropriated 3d March 1807 for repairs & improvements on the Presidents house & Lot.

estimated to be due Amt. paid
Amt. of Accounts settled & properly charged to that fund $6,800.90
Cost of wall and Gates built, & materials remaining to be used 5,567.  3255. 
Cost of Colonade 1,226.  2,705. 
Carpenters work 600. 
Bricklayers & Painters work &c about 500. 
Amount Advanced for Opening & repairing Avenues & roads & making way &, rendered necessary by enclosing the Presidents square but which the road fund was insufficient to pay     3,644.79
7,893.— 1,6408.69
Ds. 24,301.69
Deduct from the above
The Amt. advanced for roads not properly chargable to the Appropriation for improving Presidents house & lot $3,644.79
Paid for claims against the Presidents house prior to the Appropriation of the above $15,000 1,737.44 5,382.23
Ds 18,919.46
Amt of Appropriation 15,000. 
Amt expended on the Presidents square in 1807 over & above the Sum Appropriated for that purpose } $3,919.46

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