Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Jones & Howell, 6 January 1808

Washington Jan. 6. 08.

Messrs. Jones & Howell

Your letter of Dec. 10. is duly recieved and gave me the first intimation that I had omitted a paiment in it’s proper time. on recurring to our letters (for I have not time here to keep regular accounts) I found in fact that some nailrod of Aug. 22. amounting to 281. D. having been omitted to be set down in the moment, in my calendar of paiments to be made, had afterwards entirely escaped me. I am sorry for the omission, as there was no necessity for it. I now inclose you an order of the bank here on that of Philadelphia for 464.75 D. to wit the 281. D. abovementioned, 172.75 D for sheet iron shipped Sep. 23. and 11. D. which I ask the favor of you to pay S. F. Bradford of Philada. for books, having no means of otherwise conveying to him that sum. I have written to him to have it called for.

The open articles between us are, according to my notes

Nov. 7. pig lead 111.34
Dec. 1. sheet iron 140.47

I must pray you now to send on to Richmond 2. tons of nail rod, assorted as usual. I wish you may get it out before your river closes. I salute you with friendship & respect.

Th: Jefferson

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