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To Thomas Jefferson from Abraham Cohen, 21 December 1807

Phil: Decr. 21. 1807.

Honoured Sir

Regarding you as the Patron of Arts & Sciences. in our Infant Country. I am Led to Take the Liberty of Offering to your Notice an Institution which If favoured with your Approbation, will I flatter myself. produce a Publick Good. as Such am Confident it will Need no other Commendation to Merit your Patronage.—The Beneficial Effect derived from the Use of Mineral Waters. which have become Celebrated by Affording Relief in Cases where most other Remedies have failed—has Induced. the most Celebrated Chemists. to Ascertain by a Correct Annalysis those Beneficial properties. & by Chemically combining those parts. to produce by Art what Nature hath so bountifully bestowed and so far have they Succeeded. as to Merit a decided preferrence of the Artificial to the Natural Waters by Increasing Their Active properties and Excluding foreign particles. not Necessary but Rather detrimental to Health—you Respected Sir who are so well Acquainted with the principles of Philosophy. are well aware of the difficulties. Attending this process in order to Sufficiently Impregnate the Waters. with the Gaseous. & which is Indeed. the most Active principle in most of the Celebrated Waters.—how far I have Succeeded in this difficulty have Taken the Liberty of Submitting. to your Inspection by forwarding you a Specimen of the Balts Town, Pyrmont Soda Waters. and also Refer you to the Hon. Lemuel Sawyer (to whom we had the Honour of forwarding. an assortment.) for some of the Seltzer of which am present. out of a Supply. This being the most highly Impregnated Water containing from 250 to 300 pct. of the Carbonic Acid Gas, a Quantity Seldom Attained or Exceeded by any Attempt in Europe.—The Happy Effects derived from their Use have been already Evinced by an Approving Publick. & Testimonies of the most Celebrated & Eminent Chemists & Medical Characters. in this City—yet in in order to Give it all the Advantages that Might result It Requires the aid of a Larger Capital than in my power to Afford. to Tender it of that Extensive Utility. to prove a Publick Benefit. the aid of a Capital. from 10 to 15000 doll. would Accomplish the Object of Erecting a Suitable Building. in which fountains would be Placed (as the Waters are now delivered) and would be Sufficient to furnish a Supply to the United States. or also to furnish them Gratuituously to the Poor. & to whom the Physicians Might deem it Necessary.—

Under your Auspices & favour Respected Sir this might be Amply Effected. & the Name of a Jefferson Recieve an Additional [Fee] to the Debt of Gratitude from his fellow Citizens already so Largely Incurred—Those fountains of Health flowing through his Patronage would Claim the benedictions of Relieved Sufferrers. and thus Afford an Additional Solace to a Retirement where the Prayers & Gratitude of the Worthy & Good will always follow you—I now Submit an Outline of the Plan for your Approval—the above Sum to be divided into Shares of 50 dol cash payable in Installments. the Subscribers to be Entitled to Exclusive privileges & Recieve the amount to themselves on order. in Mineral Waters. at a deduction of 20 pct from the Selling price. your Approval & patronage. Joined to the Respectable characters in this City will fully Enable me to accomplish this object & dedicate an Institution to you Where Virtues an Applauding Wirld will Never cease to Emulate and which the Voice of Envy cannot Tarnish—Nor Shall any Exertions on my Part be Wanting to Tender the Establishment Worthy of this Honour & prove the Gratitude of

yr Respectfull Obt. Sert.

Abraham Cohen.

No. 31 So. 2d Street.

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