Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Albert Gallatin, 9 November 1807

9 Nover. 1807

Dear Sir

I enclose the recommendations & applications for Regr. & Recr. in the new northern land district, and will in a day or two wait on you on the subject.


Albert Gallatin

I also enclose a letter from Jas. Brown respecting the N. Orleans bâture.

DLC: Papers of Thomas Jefferson.


9 Nov. 1807

Candidates for the offices of Register & Receiver in the new land office South of Connect. reserve

State of Ohio

1. Michael Nourse of Washington Columbia—brother of the Register, federalist

2. Calendar Irwine of Philadelphia

    I think those two men amply provided for, having no particular claim on the public, & living too far East—

3. Richard Carter of Wheling; a Quaker who does not appear to have any claim

4. Isaac Jenkinson of Steubenville Ohio—capable—federalist & speculator

5. Z. A. Beatty of do—capable—federalist tho’ recommended by republicans from Maryland

    Note—Nos. 4 & 5 have been clerks in Steubenville land office

6. James Pritchard of Steubenville—middling capacity, formerly in the Senate of Ohio & republican—said to have lost his popularity

7. Benjamin Hough of Steubenville—sufficiently capable—Senator in Ohio & republican—not strongly recommended

8. Elnathan Scofield of Lancaster Ohio—Senator & republican,—

   recommended by Creighton dist atty.

    & Silliman Regr. of Zanesville

9. John Sloane of New Lisbon Ohio—has been Speaker of house of Representatives—recommended by R. J. Meigs

10. S. H. Smith of Clinton Ohio—recommended by Worthington

11. John Milligan of Steubenville   do—   do—

12. Thomas Gibson of Chilicothe Ohio—Auditor of the State, particularly recommended by Worthington, & would probably be so by Tiffin

13. Wm. M’Kennan (senr) of Washington Pena.—recommended by great many. As he was originally from Delaware, Mr Rodney may give further information—Prima facie, he appears from revolutionary services to have best claims—he is capable. But he is married to a niece of Govr. M’Kean, and perhaps his appointt. may be displeasing to some. Wm. Hoge of Congress objected to his son being appointed, but has said nothing respecting him

14. Thomas G. Johnson of Washington Penna., a lawyer, republican, said to be capable, recommended by W. Hoge & Acheson

15. George Baird now of Ohio recommended by Acheson & Mountain. His father’s merits constitute, I believe, all his claim. At least no one in Ohio recommends him

Note. Acheson & Hoge request that John Scott & Ths. Thompson may not be appointed. Neither of them has applied.

I think that the choice ought to be between

Hough, Sloane†, Gibson, M’Kennan* & Johnson
   of Ohio    of Washington Pennsa.

 [In TJ’s hand:] these are finally agreed on

giving at least one to Ohio; and upon the whole I would rather incline to Gibson & M’Kennan.

Albert Gallatin

[Note in TJ’s hand:]

Sloane having been [elected] by the people & then by their Representatives, seems to stand on the surest ground. if we go out of the State take McKennan if not take Gibson

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