Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 31 October 1807

Washington Octr. 31st. 1807

Dear Sir,

Last night, the wind having changed suddenly to the N. West it was exceedingly cold for a short time,—and this morning the condensed vapor was found to have dropped upon the decks in 3 or 4 places in the Hall of Representatives, but in one place exactly over one of the decks, a quantity fell equal to about a Wine Glass full. On going onto the roof I found the Cause of this difference. In puttying down the Glass I ordered a space of about an inch deep to be left at A above the putty in which the Water might lodge. [IMAGE] In all the other lights from which no water dropped this space was full of water & in most it had run down into the pannel, where it remained. But in that particular case the space was not quite as deep as elsewhere, & it had therefore overflown, & when once a drop falls, all the rest must follow. No baize can possibly be put under the Glass, because the Glass is solidly puttied onto the lower frame & screwed down. When the frost begins I fear still worse consequences, which I know not how to prevent. I am with the highest respect Yrs. faithfully

B H Latrobe.

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