Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Robert Davis, 27 September 1807

Monticello Sep. 27. 07.


I recieved through the hands of mr Randolph the two accts. for sawing done for me by the late mr Hancock Allen, and I render you herewith an exact statement of the paiments and the balances due on each account. I am persuaded it was owing to the low state of health which prevented mr Allen from entering the matters regularly in his accounts. the hundred dollars in the 1st. acct. I lodged with James Walker at my mill because it was convenient to mr Allen. a day or two afterwards I saw himself & gave him notice of it & he sent the next day & recieved it from mr Walker who tells me he thinks he has his reciept at home, but will swear to the delivery of the money.

At the time of the 2d. account mr Hancock was so confined by illness that John Perry, as a friend, undertook to attend to his hands & procuring the timber he John Perry paid in part for the timber with money he recieved from mr Bacon my manager for this purpose, and I paid Martin (of whom it was bought) 10. D. in part myself, through mr T.M. Randolph. we met Martin in the road & I saw mr Randolph pay it to him. of all these matters I will furnish you proofs by reciepts or affidavits. the balance really due of 139.D 41C I will remit you from Washington without much delay. I salute you with great esteem & respect.

Th: Jefferson

[on verso:]

Hancock Allen in acct. Dr. 1806 with Th: Jefferson cr.
1806. £  By Perry’s bill
Dec. 10. pd Gilmer 20.0.6 6698. f. prime plank 1½ I. thick
4406. f. do. 1—I. thick
pd thro James Walker 30.0.0 11,194. f. @ £ 4. per thousand 44.8.3
balance due on this acct. 63.58 d 19.1.7 By Walker’s bill.
69.1.7 f 
1091. prime scantling
1004. plank for Forabay
1379. for water wheel
 572  for hunt floor
4066. feet @ £4. per thousand 16.5.4
958. f. oak scantling for cog wheels 4.15.9
904. f. inch plank @ £4. 3.12.3
——— " ——— 69.1.7
1806 1806
To pd by John Perry & by By Dinsmore’s bill
 myself for the timber £ 5.14  2013  of 2. I. plank
Balance due H. Allen 22.15.6 623  of 3. I. do.
28.9.6 456. of ¾ do.
615. of ½ I. do.
975. of 1. I. do.
1012. of 1¼ I. do.
5694. feet 6. £4 sawing & 20/ timber. 28.9.6

Due from Th: Jefferson to H. Allen on both accounts

Balance on Perry’s & Walker’s bills 63.58 = 19-1-17
on Dinsmore’s bill 75.83 = 22.15.6
139.41 = 41-17-1

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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