Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Terry, 8 September 1807

September the 8 1807

Dear, Ser

My Best Wishes to you that you may Live to portect the Libertys of the United States of Columbia to Crown the Great Good You have Don this Contrey the Unity you have Gayend With the Indian tribes to the Stoping of Sheding of blod Cosing the Whole Land to Regoise in peace and frindship if ritely Considred is one of the Greatest Blesings and Good that ever Was Don by ayne one Man In this World and the Giting of Luisina Without fiting for a trifel if rittly Considred is and Will Be agreat Gud to this Nation for ages to Com and Such a Change Since you toke the Goverment there has Bin hard nothing but peas and Gud other threw the States But Burr and it has Been Stopt to your Onner and Onner of the States the Land has increst in Welth to a Wonder Since I Came Sixteen years Since from yorkshir in England Tho I Could Live their Without Labour Better than hear I think I Couldnot Besatefied to Live onder that Goverment if they Would give mee Six thousand pound ayear if I had to rule thie Land Should have Been Straving to revenge the many Insults for years past But Feel thankful that there is Wiser men hear than in Europe Charlston Gazette Witness the Leed I did not Like the Conduckt of the Chesapeake if they had taken a Columbean it Should have Bee Slain I Liked Capton on the Westindia Stacion English Ship Came along Side hold had all is men porteions incerd the flag Was their por Gave the English three Chears they fled I think acording to the Law of Nations no Need of Porteions Ships as Well as Land is States Property if a thousand English Land Our Shour to Day they have no rite to take them of in Europe When a Man hase Don a Crime if he Can Git over the Line hee is Safe

the Counterband Law is nither rite nor Just it had Better for the World if Gorge the third Been Taken of Fifty years ago for it apers to Mee he has Been the Cose of Sheding More Blod than ever man Before him all Nations Ought to Join Boneypate to Stop that Tyranikel Goverment the Comen people Never Was aganst this Land But Grone Onder thir One Govermant & Wee are not thenkful as Wee ought to Bee it is the Desire of Every Wise and Good Citysan you Would Contine to Protect our Libertys My Prayer to the Lord that you may fite the Good Fite of Faith that you may receve the Crown of all your Labours

T yours

Thos Terry.

Ride Shole Grenville Dis

S Corlina

I Would pray you pardon the fredom I have taken for I am unworthy your notish

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