Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from James Barr, Sr., 20 August 1807

received 20 Aug. 1807

To his Excelancy Thomas Jefferson

The petition & Representation of your humble Supplients Inhabitants of the County of Erie State of Pennsya. with all due submission Sheweth that we being Residants upon the frontier of the United States upon Lake Erie & having for a Long time past Experienced much persicution practised upon us by Judges & Lawyers & men in power under them have with much Sorrow & great Wonder at Length Seen that there hath been a Long & fatal plan Laid by the Enemies of our Rights & Liberties & put into practice through the medium of fraudulant Speculators and having Seen that men holding faithful Elegence of Fenian Sentiment to our Republican form of Government Could not be tolerated to Remain in peace on our frontiers & Still as it ware holding faith the Idea that the government was inimical to itsself which thing we beleave must be inconcistant therefore being much Impressed & deeply Conserned for the General good We have thought it our incumbent duty to give warning to the Chief Exicutive as we have tried Nearly Every other Source in vain to inumerate the various reasons & Circomstances on paper would be perhaps tedious we therefore through much difficulty (owing to our embarestments) have sent our faithful friends George Lowry & Thos. Brown Esqr. forth to you So as that you may by Enquiring at them be fully Satisfyed of the matter and in your Wisdom & goodness, take the most Suitable means for the Safty of the whole & peace to us and We as in duty bound Will pray

James Barr Sinor

James Barr Junier

John Lowry

Robert Lowry

Androw Lowry

Morron Lowry

Alexr Lowry

Wm. Lowry

Walter Patterson

Lesley Patterson

Walter Storry

Willam Willson

Jno. Mahony

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