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Notes of Consultations with Heads of Departments, 26 July 1807

26 July 1807

Notes of Consultations. 1807.

July 26

Norfolk. agreed that all the militia at this place, & on both sides of James river to be dismissed, except 1. an artillery company to serve the spare guns at Norfolk, and to be trained to their management. 2. a troop of cavalry to patrole the country in the vicinity of the squadron, as well to cut off their supplies as to give notice of any sudden danger: to meet which the militia of the borough & neighboring counties must hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment’s warning. a Major to command the 2. companies of artillery & cavalry

Offensive measures.

Prepare all necessaries for an attack of Upper Canada & the upper part of Lower Canada, as far as the mouth of Richlieu river.

Prepare also to take possession of the islands of Campobello &c. in the bay of Passamaquoddy

The points of attack in Canada to be 1. Detroit. 2. Niagara. 3. Kingston. 4. Montreal

1. Detroit. 300. militia of Michigan.
1000. do. from the state of Ohio.
100. regulars from forts Detroit & Fort Wayne
2. Niagara. 1500. militia from Pensylvania & Genesee.
one artillery company of regulars from Niagara.
3. Kingston. 1500. militia from New York
4. Montreal. 1500. militia from New York.
2000. Vermont.
1000. Massachusets
1000. New Hampshire
5. Campobello 500. militia from Maine
[300] militia
General officers for the attack on Detroit Gen. Hull.
Kingston. Gansevoort.
Campobello. Colo. Trescott or Brigadr. Genl. Chandler.

it is understood that every thing which is not already in the neighborhood of the places can be got & carried as fast as the men can be collected & marched except provns to Detroit. half tents & travelling carriages for artillery to be made.

Measures to be taken for obtaining information

from Detroit through Genl. Hull.
Niagara Erastus Granger.
Montreal. Sac Saillée.
Halifax. some person to be covered under a commission of agency for some merchant who may have a vessel there under adjudication.

The Secretary at War to recommend to the Governors to press for 12. month volunteers under the last act, rather than 6. month do. under the former.

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