Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Henry Guest, 20 July 1807

Brunswick Colony July 20th 1807


The Sleapy Governor of Our Country is [. . . .]ed

The Fleet [has arms in [. . . .] Land]

The trembling hand of four [Years] [. . . .]bley around the president of United America.

The Late Murderous attack on one of our Ships of War as published in Some of the papers Ther was three Killd and twenty men wounded. I apprehend the reason of this great difference was that the Splinters for the Masts [Mischief]—To prevent this Evil, for the future, [. . . .] be well nailed on All the Lids and thirteen of our Ships of War and gun boats The Nails Large head and flat points about [2½] inches Long poi[. . . .] together—Take a six inch sound plank, well served as above. [. . . .] add to that through its [. . . .] a plank of the same [. . . .] prepared [. . . .] the same size, call through it which will be a full proof whither I am Right or Rong in this Experiment—

Seeing the Enclosed that is Each week of Mr. Duains papers [. . . .] you will be pleased to take as My appollogy in addressing the presedant with this—as the Secretary of the Navy has not heretofore thought it propper Even to be so Cival as to acknowledge my [. . . .] Laboured thoughts.

We may remember that Mr. Price was not struck by a Ball. He was Killed by a Splinter so that if proof as above it may save many [. . . .] and brave men from pain and death.

I am Sir Your Exelencys Most Humble Servt.

Henry Guest

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