Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from William Schultz, 11 July 1807

Philadelphia July 11 1807.

Honourable Sir!

I take the liberty of forwarding it immediately in the liberty of forwarding it, immediately in the present emergency of public affairs, It is always a delicate task for a man to dwell on his own talents, I shall only therefore say that if you should do me the honour to command my services, my labours shall speak for themselves. I should be happy, Sir, to hear from you as soon as convenient, when, if you should give me any encouragement, I shall forward to you specimens of my abilities in navel Science & fortifications, which you will be more able to Judge of the propriety of my present application.

I have the honour to be, Sir Your humble Servt.

William Schultz.

P.S. at the request of a number of Gentlemen of this City I have been invided to offer this represention for casting, and, previously preparing a mould for a Canon in the Turkish style to Cary a marble ball incluting of won tousend ℔ Weight, as was annoinced in the papers the other day, to have ben disharged at the Dardanalles at the British fleet, according to calculation I estimate the total cost to be from 2 to 3000 $, including the metal the casting, the boring, the carriges &c. to be worked by the small number of ten men—

as the first disharge of this Gun may appear to dangerous owing to the Combustion of so much Gun Powder, I would engage to fire it myself—It coud be [much] less to d[. . . .]t on the execution wich a Cannon would do in the attack of an enomy, when landing or in a small Passage as this is obveus to all that bein moved to be the most terribil. The mechanical Power attendet on this Gun & the advantages it would possess in the defence of a Harbour, or coast will be evident on stating that it will carry a Ball of 1000 ℔ Weight half a myll when level—an 2000½ ℔ bolls 1200 or 1400 feet—er a Bom of sum weight if elevated 40° to mile er more—according to the Quantity of Powder employed.—

William Schultz.

DNA: RG 107—LRUS—Letters Received by the Secretary of War, Unregistered Series.

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