Thomas Jefferson Papers

From William Marshall to Thomas Jefferson, 13 June 1807

13 June 1807

The president of the United States of America.

To Thomas Jefferson, Robert Smith, Henry Dearborne or either of them who may have the papers—hereinafter mentioned or any of them within his or their keeping or power. You are hereby commanded to appear before the Judges of the circuit court of the United States, for the fifth circuit, in the Virginia District in the city of Richmond, at the Court now setting forthwith to testify in behalf of Aaron Burr in a controversy now depending, between the United States and the said Aaron Burr, and to bring with you the letter from General James Wilkinson dated the twenty first day of October 1806 mentioned in the message of the president of the twenty second of January 1807, to both houses of Congress together with the documents accompanying the same letter and copy of the answer of you the said Thomas Jefferson or of any one by your authority to the said letter and also copies of all the orders and instructions given by the president of the United States either directly or through the departments of war and of the navy to the officers of the Army and Navy at or near the New Orleans, stations touching or concerning the said Aaron Burr or his property. And this you shall in no wise omit:

Witness John Marshall Esquire chief Justice of the United States of America at Richmond in the Virginia District, this thirteenth day of June 1807 and in the thirty first year of the Independence of the United States of America.

Wm Marshall, Clk

The above subpoena is issued by special order of the court on motion of the said Aaron Burr, and after argument by counsel as well on the part of said Burr as of the United States.

William Marshall

Richmond 13th. June 1807.

The transmission to the Clerk of this Court of the original letter of Genl Wilkinson, and of Copies duly authenticated of the other papers and documents described in the annexed process will be admitted as sufficient observance of the process without the personal attendance of any or either of the persons therein named, but in case of such transmission it is expected that the copies of the orders and instructions to the naval and military officers be accompanied by the Certificates of all the persons named in the process declaring that no other orders or instructions have been given to the—said naval and military officers respecting the said A. Burr or his property, but those which are set forth in the said Copies.

A. Burr

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