Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Edmund Bacon, 12 June 1807

12th June 1807—


I Have this day received your Letters of the 31st. May and 8th. June inclosed with 480 Dollars. With Respect of my wirk I am sorry to inform you of my Pull backs: (I am Almost ready to Conclude that the People at the Graite mill will be the means of Creating us Consideablely more wirk than needful As I am Confident they do not Attemp to use any Kind of Care towards our nor theire own mill I could not state to you so plaine the Graite Damage which we sustain’d by the Last poste as now. The Circumstance is tuo plaine to Pollygise any thing in behalf of the mill People for you Know Sir, when the river are low, by drawing the head Gate, the Canel Can be over flowed with water Immediately

They had but very little to Grind in the mill and for that reason could of easily shet down the head Gate which would of Kep every thing secure. the raine Commenced in the night and Continued the whole day after which was time with out Excuse to se their was a Chance of the river Geting very high. (I came down in the Morning and hollowed over to davy to Go up and shet down the Gate which he done) the large mill then Grinding & after Davy had shut the Gate, thare was a scarcity of water and then raining hard. they sent up a nigroe to raise the Gate and he raised it so high as to brake the bank of the Canel at the tole mill being low under the shed. I rote you I thaught, we had better raise the house higher. If things could be Kep at rights thare would be no necesaty to do that: for if they Canel was as higher againe

It could be broke by turning the hole force of the river in However Sir, I have Got their mill ready for Grinding againe. the water washed the Ground betwen the Canel & river & betwen the two mill houses very much. It will take me one fortnight to fill it againe By which means has Createed a Backing in the abutt. of the dam. I have done very little to that sence I rote you by last Maill (but as I mentioned then Sir you might rest Contented. I state you a second time I dont think thare is the least danger as thare has been one suffishent trial with the same push which broke the Canel I will not let it be long before it shall be done Intirely) if this Accident had not happen’d the abutment would never been done.

You may rest assur’ed Sir every pushing means shall be used towards your business as I feel myself willing to do all I can for you I am Dr Sir yours &c

E Bacon

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