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To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Appleton, 1 April 1807

Leghorn 1st. April 1807.


By the ship June (Captn. McCarthy) which left this port for Baltimore on the 21st. of march, I sent to the care of Mr. Christie the collector, to be convey’d to you, four cases containing 350. bottles of montepulciano wine, which I have good reason to believe, will prove at least equal to that I sent about two years since.—I now enclose the account of cost, which I was unable to do by Capt. McCarthy.—

You have given the preference to montepulciano of the various samples I sent to you, as it most certainly is, among the very first class of our wines, and generally preferr’d by the intendenti in Tuscay.—Accept, Sir, the Assurances of the unfeign’d respect & esteem of Your devoted Servt

Th: Appleton

MHi: Coolidge Collection.


Leghorn 27 March 1807.—

Account of cost, and expences on three hundred and fifty bottles of Montepulciano Wine, shipp’d on board the ship Jane, Captn. McCarthy bound to Baltimore, and address’d to the care of Gabriel Christie Collector.—Vizt.—

1807 March

To paid the chck: Bucelli for } 291.—
175 flasks of Monto. wine @ £ 1.10.4
To pd. transporting from Montepulciano to florence in 7 cases } 60.—
To 7 different charges on the road for duties &c &c Cases } 49.—
To transporting from florence to Leghorn 36.—
To bottling. corking. packing &ca here 33.—
To transporting to Store 4.—
To transporting on board Ship Jane  6.—
Livres 479.—
To 350. empty bottles & Corks 101.—
580 Livres are equal to 870 Pavolis @ 9 & ½ for each Spanish Dollars are } Dollars

equal to 26. Cents & 6/10 ths per bottle.

Th: Appleton

[Note by TJ:]

original cost 291 ₶ for 350. bottles of wine

is 45.10 D ÷ 350 = is .129 per bottle

350. bottles & bottling cost 134₶ = 21. D which is 6 cents per bottle


Leghorn 1st. April 1807—

Dr Account Current Cr.
1805 Dollars. 1805
January. To amt. of wine Sent by Brig Independence } 26.40 April By a bill of excha. on Liverpool which produced } Dolls.
April To amt. of 473 bottles 118.50
} To amt. of 350. ditto
per Capn. McCarthy
}  91.55
Bala. due  24.50

Th: Appleton

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