Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Appointments, with Additional Notes by Albert Gallatin, 31 March 1807

[ca. Mch. 1807]

Lemuel Trescott of Massachusets to be Collector of the district and Inspector of the revenue for the port of Machias in Maine.

Jonathan Palmer of Connecticut to be Surveyor of the port of Stonington. & Inspector of the revenue for the same.

John Vemor junr. to be surveyor of & Inspector of the revenue for the port of Albany.

Robert Cochran of N. Carolina to be Collector of the district of Wilmington in North Carolina

George M. Bibb of Kentucky to be Attorney for the US. for the district of Kentucky.

These two will not be wanted till 1 Octer. next

Samuel Gwathney of Indiana to be Register of the land office. at Jeffersonville in Indiana.

Edmund H. Taylor of Kentucky to be Reciever of public monies at Jeffersonville in Kentucky

Abraham Bissent of Georgia to be Collector of the distr. of St. Mary’s in Georgia

But if Mr Taylor be appointed Receiver at Jeffersonville, it will be necessary to appoint another receiver at Detroit where we want one immediately to act as Commissioner.

West Orleans 2. Commr.

to wit. Wm. Sprigg of Orleans territy.

   Richard Cocke of Kentucky

James Abbot of Michigan Reciever at Detroit.

Notations by Albert Gallatin rendered in italics

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