Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Daniel Finley, 28 March 1807

Fork of French Creek Erie County, state of Pennsylvania March 28th 1807

Honord sir pardon a poor man who could only be drove to This miserable shift by pure necessity. sir I am one of the few who live at this period of the old revolutionary soldiers who served with allacrity and zeal against the Despots of Britain for the independancy of America which was luckily accomplishd. I had some property at the commencement of the war but voluntarily renouncing all self-intrest I went to the war to asert my Countrys right and intrest and servd. my Country like a brave Irish–man and a good soldier but in the interium lost all that I had of property together with my health which I never recovered being intirely a Cripple with sciatica and Rheumatical pains and pining with want and retchedness in a remote corner and having heard much of your goodness and Philantrophic despoticion I was movd. from these considerations to address your honour Either to grant me some small assistance Either of a private or a publick Nature to enable me to spin out the remaned of my days in a midling way together with my old wife that our poor souls at all times and our poor bodies which are destitute of Every comfort both as to food raiment and Even a tolerable Bed To ly on may at this time and hence forth bless your honour and all others to whom your honour shall think proper To recommend our suffering case to—

I am sir with all Consideration and due respect Your honours most humble and most Obsequious humble Servant

Daniel Finley

sir if this should meet your approbation I am known to David Meade Esqr. one the Assosiate Judges of Cranford County or John Vement Esqr. of Erie County Either of whom if directed [to] will inform me of your honoures intentions toward me.

N.B. vement is an assosiate Judge also—

Pardon my stile and manner of address I know both is deferrent but still I thought I Could tell my own mind best

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