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Garden Plan, 25 March 1807

25 Mch 1807

Note. the order of the terrasses below the garden wall is as follows.

the fig terras next to the wall. Then

the walk terras.

the strawberry terras.

1st. terras of the vineyard & so on to the 17th.

the 18th. terras of the vineyard is occupied chiefly by trees.

the 19th. is Bailey’s ally.

Mar. 25.

S.W. vineyard. at S.W. end of 1st. terras planted 2. Malaga grape vines. Maine.
at N.E. end. 1st. terras 12. black Hamburg grape vines. } from Maine. planted only in vacancies.
2d. 12. red do.
3d. 10. white Frontignac.
4th. 20. Chasselas.
5th. 3. Muscadine
6th. 11. Brick coloured grapes.
7th. 10. Black cluster grapes
N.E. vineyard. beginning at S.W. end of it, & planting only in vacancies
1st. terras. 6. plants of Seralamanna grapes } 11. cuttings from them.
2d. 15. cuttings of the same, or Piedmt Malmsy
3d. 13. Piedmont Malmesy. or Seralamana
4th.  1. Smyrna without seeds.
5th.  7. Galetlas.
6th.  7. Queen’s grapes.
7th.  5. Great July grapes
8th.  6. Tokay.
9th. 13. Tokay. }
10th. 13 Trebbiano
11th. 17 Lachrima Christi.
12th.  6. San Giovetto.
13th. 15. Abrostine white
14th. 21. do. red or Aleaticos
15th. 15. Aleatico. or Abrostine red.
16th. 13. Margiano.
17th. 15. Mammole.
S.W. vineyard.
N.E. end.
9th. terras 4 Tokays, same as 9th. of N.E. Vineyard.
10th. 6. Trebbianos. same as 10th. of N.E.
11th. 3. Lachrima Christi. same as 11th. of N.E.

Apr. 11.

Nursery. begun in bed next the pales, on the lower side, where Genl. Jackson’s peaches end to wit within 2.f. of the 4th. post from the S.E. corner.

No. 1. Quercus coccifera. Prickly Kermes oak. 3. cross rows. } seeds received from Doctr. Gouan at Montpelier.
2. Vitex Agnus castus. Chasta-tree. Faux Poivrier. 9. rows
3. Cedrus Libani. Cedar of Lebanon. 2. rows.
4. Citisus Laburnum of the Alps. 2. rows.
5. Lavathera Albia. the shrub Marshmallow. 2. rows.



Apr. 15. 16. 18. 30. Planted & sowed flower beds as above.

April 16. planted as follows. N. E. clump S. E clump SW clump N.W. clump
13. paper mulberries 2. 2. 5. 4
6. Horse chesnuts 3 3
2. Taccamahac poplars 1 1
4. purple beach 2 2
2. Robinia hispida 1 1
2. Choakcherries. 1 1
3. Mountain ash. Sorbus Aucuparia 1 2
2. Xanthoxylon 1 1
1. Red bud. 1

the above were from Maine except 5 horse chesnuts from nursery & the Red bud

planted same day. 1. Fraxinella in center of N. W. shrub circle } from Maine’s
* 1. Gelder rose in do. of N. E. do.
1. do.     in do. of S. E. do.
1. Laurodendron in margin of S. W. do. from the nursery
planted also 10. willow oaks in N. W. brow of the stone to wit from the N. Pavilion round to near the setting stones at S.W. end of level.
and 12. Wild crabs from the S. to the N. pavilion near the brow of the stone
   *Viburnum opulus rosea.

Apr. 17.

planted  2. Robinia hispida & 2. choakcherries on the S.W. slope.
20. Weymouth pines on the slope by the Aspen thicket.

In the Nursery, began at the N. W. corner & extended rows from N. W. to NE. & planted

1st. row, abt. 2.f. from the pales } 100. paccans.
2d. do. 18 I. from that
3d. do. Gloucester hiccory nuts from Roanoke.
4th. do. do. from Roanoke. 79 in all. 6. do. from Osages. 2. scarlet beans.
5th. a bed of 4.f wide, 3 drills, globe artichoke. red.
6th. a do.   do. green.
Apr. 18.
7th a bed. Cooper’s pale green asparagus. 5. rows    feet long. a seed every 6.I.
 at N.E. end of same bed 14. Ricara beans very toward.
8th. a bed 26.f. long. 2. rows & about 8 f. of a 3d. say 60 f. Missouri great Salsafia. 120 seeds. 6. I. apart


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