Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Adrienne-Catherine de Noailles, comtesse de Tessé, 21 February 1807

Washington Feb. 21. 07.

My dear Madam

On the 26th. of October 1805. I had the pleasure of writing to you, and of informing you that I then made up for you a box of seeds acorns and nuts, which were to go by a vessel bound from Baltimore to Nantes. The box & my letter were addressed to mr Patterson our Consul at Nantes. not having heard from him in the course of the ensuing summer I began to apprehend all had miscarried, & in October last I wrote to Baltimore to have enquiry made from the owner of the ship, what had become of her. I inclose you the answers I recieved, which with a copy of my letter then sent, will give you the whole history of that attempt which I fear proved finally abortive.

I had made up another box for you, nearly similar to the former, this last autumn, & only waited for an article or two not yet dry enough, when our river blocked up with ice, a month sooner than usual, and has continued so till just now that it is again opened. I therefore, altho’ late, send off the box to Baltimore, to be forwarded to either Nantes or Bordeaux, to the address of our Consul, mr Patterson of Nantes, or mr Lee of Bordeaux, who on reciept of it, will write and ask your directions concerning it. it is divided into 15. cells, numbered from I. to XV. & containing as follows. Cell No. I. Quereus Phellos. II. Q. Palustris, or Rubra dissecta. III. Q. Prinos. IV. Q. Alba. V. VI. IX. Liriodendron tulipifera. VII. VIII. Juniperus Virginiana. X. XI. Bignonia Catalpa. XII. Cornus Florida. XIII. Juglans nigra, & in a bag some Lima beans for your garden. I never saw them in France. XIV. Juglans Paccan. & in a bag some Arachis hypogaea. XV. Diospyros Virginiana. to prevent every motive for suppressing this letter, I will only add my sincere & constant attachment and affections to yourself, M. de Tessé, M. & Mde. de la Fayette, & that you shall be remembered at the next season for a new supply

Th: Jefferson

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