Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Appointments, 31 January 1807

ca. January 1807

Indiana Register. Ridgley of Ky. Waller Taylor. John Armstrong. *Saml. Gwathney. T. T. Davis
Recievr. vice Griffin, W. Clarke Waller Taylor. *Edmd H. Taylor Saml. Gwathney. T. T. Davis
Michigan Recievr. Edmd H. Taylor. of Kentucky ?
Marietta. Reciever of public monies. *Levi Barber of Ohio. vice Tupper.
E. Tennissee James Tremble of Tennissee to be Atty for US. in the distr of E. Ten.
(Kaskaskias. Edmd. H. Taylor. qu?

A. B. of — to be Register of the land office

A. B. of — to be Receiver of public monies [ for the lands] at

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