Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to United States Congress, 31 January 1807

Jan. 31. 1807.

To the Senate & House of Representatives of the US.

In execution of the act of the last session of Congress entitled ‘an act to regulate the laying out & making a road from Cumberland in the state of Maryland to the state of Ohio,’ I appointed Thomas Moore of Maryland, Joseph Ker of Ohio, & Eli Williams of Maryland Commissioners to lay out the said road, & to perform the other duties assigned to them by the act. The progress which they made in the execution of the work, during the last season will appear in their Report, now communicated to Congress. on the reciept of it, I took measures to obtain consent for making the road, of the states of Pensylvania, Maryland & Virginia, through which the Commissioners proposed to lay it out. I have recieved acts of the legislatures of Maryland & Virginia, giving the consent desired: that of Pensylvania has the subject still under consideration, as is supposed. until I receive full consent to a free choice of rout through the whole distance, I have thought it safest neither to accept, nor reject finally, the partial report of the Commissioners.   Some matters suggested in the Report belong exclusively to the legislature.

Th: Jefferson

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