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To Thomas Jefferson from John Schenck, 19 January 1807

on or after 19 Jan. 1807

The republicans of the County of Queens state of New York view with approbation the measures of our General Government and feel earnestly solicitous that the Patriotism Virtues Talents and Experience that has so justly marked your public life should continue to preside in and Illuminate the Councils of our rising Nation.

We have been appointed a committee to communicate to you the sentiments and wishes of the Republicans of this County, sensible of the many Blessings we continue to enjoy under the wise guidance of the Executive and Legislative Powers of our Country, we humbly acknowledge the adorable goodness of an overruling Providence in the direction of our general Government, the constant care of which has been to cultivate Union & social harmony at home, & peace & friendship with all the world.

Under your Administration Republican principles have been Disseminated by equal distribution of Justice to all men, Peace preserved by fair and honourable negociation in Preference to Rash Inconsiderate and destructive War. Our constitution maintained, our national debt fast diminishing, convincing arguments to shew the Excellence of a Republican Government under a wise republican administration and calls forth the warmest gratitude of a free enlightened and Generous people to their chief Magistrate.

We solemnly pledge our honour that when negociations and Pacifick measures shall fail to secure to us the rights and Privileges of free men we are ready to protect our Country against any foreign Foe that shall dare Invade our Territory, or Infringe on our rights and Privileges which we possess as a free and Independant nation and also to counteract the Base and daring designs of any domestic enemy, that shall Impiously violate our Sacred Constitution or Disturb our national Tranquillity by exciting Domestic Insurrection amongst us.

Sir we both see and feel the Joyfull effects of a republican Government in the full tide of Successfull Experiment Cheering our happy Land by refreshing Showers of National Prosperity & domestic Felicity. our undiminished confidence in the wisdom Patriotism Virtue and Zeal for the happiness and Prosperity of the nation which has so Eminently Distinguished your Administration compels us at this Critical moment to solicit the service of our most Experienced statesman at the helm of our Government Permit us therefore in Behalf of the Republicans of this County Respectfully To Request your consent to be nominated a Candidate at the ensuing Presidential Election

We are, Sir, with the greatest Respect and esteem And with the Sincerest wishes for your happiness

Your Republican fellow Citizens

John Schenck. Chairman
Singleton Mitchill Secy.
Samuel Riker } Committee
Preserved Fish
Isaac Lefferts
John W. Seaman
William Mott
Jacobus Monfoort

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