Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Michael Baldwin, 18 January 1807

Chillicothe January 18. 1806 [i.e. 1807]


I have just understood that complaints have been made to you respecting my conduct as Marshall for the District of Ohio. What the charges are, or by whom made, I am not apprised. But, Sir, I have no hesitation in declaring, that I can make it appear, that I have in every respect, conducted myself, as Marshall, consistent with my duty.

I must beg the favour of you, to suspend your opinion upon the subject, untill after the next court, which is the second of next month:—When I will forward to you, under the Signature of Judge Byrd, sufficient vouchers to prove the propriety of my conduct.   From the high opinion I have always entertained of your candour, I cannot, for a moment, suppose you would remove a person from office, without previously giving him an opportunity of vindicating himself.

I hope, sir, you will excuse me for the liberty I have taken in addressing this to you. My reputation, which is my sole dependance for support, is at Stake. All I wish, is an opportunity of preserving it from any stigma, or suspicion.

I am, Sir, with respct Your humble Servant

Michael Baldwin

DNA: RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.

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