Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Jay’s and Monroe’s Treaties, 31 December 1806

Dec 1806

- Art. 3. E. India trade. [Jay’s] but worse innovn 1. Jay’s 2. this 3. none the outward voyage direct. what wd be our situan if the article was expunged.
1. British duties. 2. secured by treaty
+ 5. tonnage reciprocal.
Brit. & Amer. vessels nearly identified but the convoy duty remains
* 6. W. India. trade. nothing secured
8. expressly abandons principle free ships free goods.
+ 9. Contraband of war
10. Blockade. not defined.
a letter promised, but none given
+ 11. colonial trade indirect during present hostilities
* 12. 5 mi. jurdn. very doubtful if shd be accepted.
17. Officers to be treated with respect. strike it out if possible. if not limit the number.
no provision against impressments
none for indemnificns; but the right is reserved.
They propose to proceed to a Convention giving the Louisiana Indn. trade to Gr. Br. for some accomodns in Canada, Nov. Scotia &c
the declaration. withdraw or modify. sine qua non

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