Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 20 December 1806

Dec. 20. 06.

Th:J. to mr Gallatin.

The inclosed petition & papers of the Widow Morin of St. Louis present the first case of that nature which has come to me, & certainly I can do nothing in the case. whether the sentence of the Commrs. can be revised when their proceedings are returned here will depend on arrangements still to be taken. in the mean time I think the papers should be filed in your office. the original concessions are proofs of the terms & forms of granting by the Spanish government. I am not certain whether this petition, which is in the hand writing of Rufus Easton, as is a small memorandum also, has not been contrived & forwarded merely as a libel on his grand jury.

I think the rules proposed by the collector of Philadelphia are both reasonable & necessary: and most certainly no civil magistrate can dictate to the US. who shall be the objects of their charity. affectionate salutations.

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