Thomas Jefferson Papers

Recess Appointments, 16 December 1806

ca. 15-16 Dec. 1806

Appointments by the President in the late recess of the Senate of the UStates.

date of Commission
William H. Harrison Governor Indiana Territory 5 May 1806
Michael McClary Marshal New Hampshire 26 April —
Julian Pordrass Member Legisve. Council Orleans Terry. 7 May —
John Mather Senr. & }
Pierre Foucher Mems. Legisve Council Same 15 July —
Peter Curtenius Marshal New York 5 May —
+ John Spence West Marshal N Carolina 10 Decr. —
Brockholst Livingston An Associate Justice of the Supreme Court US. 10 Novr. —
Joshua Lewis of Kentucky One of the Judges of the Orleans Terry. 10 Novr. —
John Page Commissioner of Loans Virginia 2 Augt. —
William Hull Commissioner for treating with certain Indians } 21 July —
North West of the Ohio
Eli Williams of Maryland Commissioner of Laying out & making a } 16 July —
road from Cumberland in Maryland to Ohio


John S. Cogdell of S. Carola Consul Rome 7 May —
Maurice Rogers of Pennsa. Consul St. Iago 9 June —
John B. Dabney of Massts. do Azores on Western Isles 20 June —
Edward Carrington of R Isld. do Canton 1 July —
Richard Hackley do St. Anders 16 Sep —
+ See the note to the accompanying paper Revenue

Revenue officers

John Barnes Collector of the District, and Inspector } 6 May 1806
of the Revenue for the port of George Town
James Taylor of N Carolina, Collector for the District, and } 9 May —
Inspector for the port of Ocracock
Peter A. Schenck, of N York, Inspector of the Revenue for } 18 June —
the Port of New York
Willis W. Parker, of Virga. Inspector of the Port of South Quay 18 June
James Lovell of Orleans, Inspector for the Port of N Orleans 18 June
William Dunham, of Georgia, Surveyor and Inspector of } 1 July
the Revenue for the port of Darien
Edwin Mounger, of Georgia, Collector for the District of Savannah 22 July
Gabriel Christie, of Maryland, Collector for the District of Balto. 18 Oct.

DNA: RG 59--State Department.

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