Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 25 October 1806

25 Oct. 1806

25. a mail arrived yesterday from the Westward, and not one word is heard from that quarter of any movements by Colo. Burr. this total silence of the officers of the govmt, of the members of Congress, of the newspapers, proves he is committing no overt act against law. we therefore rescind the determinations to send Preble, Decatur, the Argus or the gunboats, & instead of them send off the marines which are here to reinforce or take place of the garrison at N. O. with a view to Spanish operns; & instead of writing to the Govrs. &c. we send Graham on that rout with confidential authority to enquire into Burr’s movements, put the Govrs. &c. on their guard, to provide for his arrest if necessary, & to take on himself the govmt of Louisiana. letters are still to be written to Claiborne, Freeman, & the Govr. of Misipi to be on their guard.

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