Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Waller Holladay, 15 October 1806

Washington Oct. 15. 06.


Deriving very little aid from my memory on transactions so antient as those the subject of your letter of the 6th. I have turned to my letter files & here state the heads of their information.

1786. Jan. 24. Th: Jefferson to the Govr. of Virginia, informs him that mr Littlepage had been obliged to part with the money sent by him, & that mr L. said it would be repaid by his guardian in Virga, to the Govr.

July 12. L. Littlepage writes to Th:J. to know if it has been so paid.

Sep. 12. L. Littlepage writes to Th:J. expressing his uneasiness at not hearing it is paid, and mentions that he has inclosed a bill of Excha to M. de la Fayette who will pay the money.

1787. Aug. 3. Th:J. writes to the Govr. of Virga. that tho’ mr Littlepage had some time before sent a bill for paiment, yet Th:J. had declined recieving it lest it should have been paid in Virga.: but that having now recieved information from the Govr. that it was not paid there, he had put the bill into mr Grand’s hand who had recieved the money from Tourton & Ravel the drawers, to wit 5300.livre tournois livres for which he (Grand) could credit the state of Virga. in their account.

Aug. 12. Th:J. writes to L. Littlepage the above information.

To the above details I can add nothing, except that I have no doubt the State of Virginia will find itself credited the above sum in mr Grand’s account which they possess. mr Littlepage conducted himself with the utmost honour on the occasion.

Accept my salutations & assurances of respect

Th: Jefferson


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