Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from John Glendy, 10 October 1806

October 10th 1806—


I honestly Accord with the gratulations of tens of thousands, on your safe return to the seat of Government, and your uninterrupted enjoyment of sweet health.—We evidently hope, and sincerely trust, that the sound sence, and Judicious, enlightened policy of your Adminestration, will perpetuate the blessing of public peace, without risking the degradation of National Glory—

Peace on the European Continent, tho’ it is an object that humanity may devoutly wish; yet I conceive it is not so near as many calcul—One of the belligerent Nations is too powerful, and the other too proud, to compromise their deep-rooted Antipathies, on slight ground.—

Permit me now to introduce to your Acquaintance, Mr. McElderry of this City, as one of my first friends, and an honest man—By dint of industry and indefatigable Application he has Amassed a handsome independance for his family with an unspotted character—He is indeed a Man of unshaken Integrity; steadfast and uniform in his Attachment to the principles of pure democratic Republicanism; has successfully advocated the cause in the most trying Seasons; and his fellow-Citizens have lately furnished proof positive of their decided Approbation of his political career, by appointing him one of the Senators of this State at their last Election.—

He sets out to-morrow for the Seat of G—t on special business—No doubt the report of Mr. Purviance’s death has reached to Washington-City. It is calculated that early, numerous, and zealous applications will be made to the Executive, on the score of filling his Office—Mr. McElderry goes to Advocate the interest of his brother-in-law Mr. Parks as a Candidate for sd. Office,—He is married to a Niece of the late Gl. G. Washington, is well known to the present Secretary of State—is a Man of fair fame, genteel Education, and distinguished talents—Sound in his political faith, and I cordially wish him success—

Federalism has long triumphed here in that department, and should another of that description succeed to the Office, the public Mind will feel a convulsive shock—

You will have the goodness to pardon this undue liberty—

And believe me Sir, gratefully and faithfully Yours

John Glendy

DNA: RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.

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